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Making arrangements ahead of needs is beneficial to you and your family.  Many people invest in end of life planning from retirement to wills, but funeral planning is often overlooked. Omitting this crucial step can leave stress and added cost to families at difficult times.  Planning ahead allows for your family to know your wishes, relives stress  and allow for them to mourn together rather than worry about which cemetery lot to purchase

To make arrangements for you or a love one, please call the cemetery office at 708-458-0638

Can  LNC  accommodate my wishes?

Our cemetery staff will work with families to accommodate most wishes.  We worth with families that have an established relationship with us as well as new ones.  We are able to accommodate full burials, green burials, cremains and memorials without remains.  We are please to discuss all options with you  

Can I be buried in an established family lot?

Many individuals and families have established lots in LNC.  If you are a descendant of the original owner of a lot, you and your descendants most likely have rights to interment on that lot.  The staff at LNC will be happy to help you with establishing rights of interment.

What am I purchasing?

Your purchase is know as a "right of interment".  You own the lot with a condition of use.  This is discussed and part of your purchase contract.  Purchase of a family lot entitles you to voting rights as a lot owner.  ??? You do not own any marker or monument that you purchase and place on a lot

Who can be buried in LNC?

LNC is open to all.  We were founded by Lithuanian Americans with the notion of a cemetery belonging exclusively to the people, free from any church or other organization. Many prominent Lithuanian (and non-Lithuanians) are buried in LNC and we continue to be an inclusive resting place for anyone regardless of religion or nationality.

Who owns and operates  LNC?

Lithuanian National Cemetery is a nonprofit cemetery whose mission is to serve the Lithuanian American community and their families, those looking for green/natural burials and anyone who wishes to choose LNC as their final resting place.  The cemetery is owned by the lot owners. Decisions for the cemetery are voted on by a Board of Directors, who are lot owners. The day to day operations are run by an office manager and grounds crew. 

What maintenance responsibilities do I and the cemetery have?

All lot sales include perpetual care.  This refers to the basic care of the cemetery and includes moving the grass, raking leaves, and keeping the roads clear.  This does not include lot landscaping, monument cleaning or repair.

If you’d like more information about our services, our friendly staff are here to help.

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