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Policies Governing Burials and Graves

1. Lots and graves in the cemetery shall only be used for the sole purpose of burial of the dead.

2. All interments in Family Lots and Graves are restricted to Lot Owner’s family and friends. For burial of anyone else, the Lot Owner or Grave Owner is required to present a request and obtain written permission from the cemetery Board of Directors.

3. No burials shall take place until the Family Lot or Grave space is Paid in Full.

4. No burials shall take place at the cemetery without the permission of the cemetery Administrator/Manager.

5. Burial permits must be filled out in the name of the person to be buried and presented upon arrival to the cemetery for the interment.

6. No disinterment shall be allowed without written request, permits and permission.

7. No memorials of any kind will be permitted until the Family Lot or Grave space entire purchase price has been paid, even if no interments have taken place.

8. Monuments, mausoleum or grave markers may be constructed and erected made of materials of stone, granite, marble, bronze or special steel for that purpose.

9. Wooden crosses to mark new burials at graves are permitted for one year. Proper monuments or grave markers have to be erected within a reasonable time soon thereafter.

10. Foundation Fee for any type of memorial is charged for the installation of a concrete foundation on which the memorial will be set. The fee is computed upon the size of the granite base.

11. Installation Fee for flush granite markers is charged for the installation of flush granite memorials. The fee is computed upon the size of the marker.

12. Full-size ledgers over graves are not permitted.

13. If the memorial or markings on the monument are found to be detrimental to the cemetery in any way, the owner will be instructed to make corrections. If the owner ignores the Cemetery Authority request, the cemetery will perform the necessary adjustments at the owner’s expense.

14. Lot and grave owners may plant owners only at the head of the grave, one foot out from the base of a monument or marker. Planting of shrubs and small evergreens have to be approved by the cemetery Administrator/Manager. Planting of trees on or next to graves is prohibited. Decorative landscaping stones or rocks in a owner bed or around any type of memorial is strictly prohibited.

15. Any trees, evergreens, or shrubbery on any lots or graves that appear overgrown or become detrimental to the adjacent lots, graves, or avenues, the Cemetery Authority has the right to enter said lot or grave space and properly correct the problem by trimming or removal.

16. Funeral designs and oral pieces left on a burial sites will be removed as soon as they become unsightly.

17. Artificial and fresh cut flowers are allowed at a grave site for the season until they become unsightly. All items are removed during the annual spring clean-up between April 1st - 15th.


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